Personal Leadership is a methodology of two principles, six practices, and the Critical Moment Dialogue. It is designed to serve anyone who is living and/or working across cultural differences (national, ethnic, religious, etc) or in situations of uncertainty and transition. The methodology has traditionally been taught through both public and customized seminars, through coaching relationships, and through consulting initiatives.

Now, you can also access our distinctive methodology by reading
our new book:

Making a World of Difference.
A Methodology of
Two Principles and Six Practices.

While intended to be presented in conjunction with a Personal Leadership program, it's written to be accessible from all vantages. Read more about
our book...

Wondering if Personal Leadership Seminars would be useful
for you? Do you want to:

  • maximize your competence when working with colleagues whose values, beliefs, communication styles, and even worldview orientations may be significantly different from your own?
  • deepen your capacity to build powerful interpersonal relationships with people from a broad variety of cultural backgrounds?
  • leverage the creative potential that inherently exists whenever you are faced with the new and unfamiliar—be it in the form of a person, project, or place?
  • stay open to inspiration even in the midst of uncertainty and constant change?

If you said ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, then you likely know that living and working across cultural differences can be both enormously rewarding and tremendously frustrating—all at the same time. Maybe this is because having some idea of what to do when faced with the unfamiliar (intercultural knowledge) and actually doing it (intercultural competence) are two very different things, especially when our deeply held values or sense of identity are affronted by cultural difference.

Personal Leadership offers a methodology specifically oriented to bridging this gap between knowledge and competence. The methodology is called ‘Personal Leadership’ because it is focused on each of us taking leadership of our personal experience, especially when we’re living and working with people and in conditions that we don’t understand. Based on the principles of mindfulness and creativity, the six practices of Personal Leadership help us attend to our automatic ‘default’ reactions; we learn to remain open and inspired, and thus to respond to cultural differences in effective and productive ways, even when we feel personally or professionally challenged.

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