How PL Works

How PL Works

How PL Works

Personal Leadership is

  • A practice
  • A Community of Practice
  • A team of expert Facilitators

The Personal Leadership practice

  • Is a unique integration of leadership and intercultural theories.
  • Enables you to discern the best way forward in the face of difference, uncertainty and change.
  • Brings confidence and ease to times of personal and professional transition.

The Community of Practice

  • Welcomes anyone anywhere who wants to deepen their Personal Leadership practice.
  • Engages practitioners who have a common commitment to living and working at their highest and best.
  • Offers learning, inspiration, and community gatherings online and face-to-face.

The Personal Leadership Facilitators

  • Offer coaching, consulting and training across sectors and around the world.
  • Are diverse, multi-lingual and highly skilled.
  • Perhaps most importantly, are committed to their own PL practice.