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Making a World of DifferenceMaking a World of Difference: Personal Leadership provides a thorough introduction to the PL method. PL practitioners discover that difference, rather than being a reason for divisiveness, offers a focus for communicating and developing relationships. They look for creative possibilities whenever they interact with people from different backgrounds or with conflicting perspectives.

Personal Leadership is valuable to practitioners in their own lives, and in their work in the public, private and social sectors, including in

  • Intercultural communication
  • Leadership development
  • Global business
  • K-12 education, international education, and higher education
  • Initiatives in diversity and inclusion
  • Team-building
  • Community-building
  • International cooperation
  • Coaching, training and consulting

This book is an easy-to-read exploration of the PL method that outlines in detail PL’s two principles, six practices and the Critical Moment Dialogue process technology. It was written by the three Founders of Personal Leadership—Barbara Schaetti, Sheila Ramsey and Gordon Watanabe.

The book’s 50 real-life stories illustrate the core themes of the practice. They draw on the experience of the Founders and other PL practitioners. They show how PL is useful when we find ourselves in unfamiliar environments, in rapidly changing contexts, or in the middle of personal or professional transition.

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