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Training of Facilitators 2018 Dates Set

We have dates for the next session of The Art of Personal Leadership: Training of Facilitators, at the beautiful Whidbey Institute in Washington State. The seminar will begin Monday evening, March 19, 2018 and end on Saturday evening March 24. Video Plenary Sessions will meet on April 25th and late May. Please check back for complete . . . LEARN MORE

Foundations Seminar in Europe – Autumn

Near Munich

Second of two 2017 PL Foundations Seminars in Europe. Register before August 7, 2017 for a free copy of "Making a World of . . . LEARN MORE

Training of Facilitators 2017 Photo Gallery

The first week of March was wonderful for the coaches and facilitators alike. Learn more about the Training of Facilitators here. Think you might be interested in the 2018 ToF? Add yourself to our mailing list here and we'll let you know when the details are . . . LEARN MORE

PL East Coast Gathering Coming in April

PL East Coast Regional Gathering (PLEC) April 28-30, 2017 Portland, Maine, USA   The hosting team is busy making preparations for this Spring's Gathering.   They report: We're expecting attendees both from Maine and "from away". We will use an "Open Space" format to set the agenda together at the beginning of our gathering, based . . . LEARN MORE

Spring 2017 newsletter Greeting

Hello Dear Friends, As this PL news is in its final preparation, the 2017 PL Training of Facilitators has just finished on Whidbey Island. Facilitated by Barbara and Gordon, there is a very new design addressing ways in which PL can be delivered to better serve what the world is calling PL to be and . . . LEARN MORE

Featured Facilitator: Almendra Staffa-Healey

Almendra Staffa-Healey Co-Founder & Director Intercultural Understanding Madrid, Spain Tell us about the context you’re using PL in. I’ve been using PL as a tool to increase intercultural competency and leadership skills. I’m passionate about the educational context and use it with parents, university students studying abroad, international educators, as well as with local . . . LEARN MORE

PL East Coast Regional Gathering

Portland, Main, USA

Save the Date for the PL East Coast Regional Gathering (PLEC) April 28-30, 2017 Portland, Maine, USA The 2017 PL EAST COAST REGIONAL GATHERING will begin with a free public introductory session on Friday, April, 28 before the official welcome dinner than evening. The weekend session will be held at the Center for Grieving . . . LEARN MORE

Foundations Seminar in Europe – Spring

Near Berlin

First of two 2017 PL Foundations Seminars in Europe. The European PL Community will host the first PL EUROPEAN REGIONAL FOUNDATIONS COURSE of 2017 conveniently outside of Berlin, Germany.  Come and explore leading from the inside out with us in the spring green of Northern Germany.  Use the natural surroundings to draw out, disentangle . . . LEARN MORE

Foundations Seminar – Leading the Self Before Leading Others

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Find more information and register . . . LEARN MORE

Training of Facilitators: The Artistry of Personal Leadership

Whidbey Island, WA, USA

  Are you . . . Ready to facilitate Personal Leadership? Wondering how best to design or sequence the training? Ready for tips and techniques? If so, this Training of Facilitators seminar is what you need. INTRODUCTION Personal Leadership can appear deceptively easy to facilitate. After all, it seems like such a simple method. . . . LEARN MORE

Staying Centered While the World is Spinning; a Free Global PL Webinar

Tatyana Fertelmeister, Senior Facilitator January 26, 2017 11:00-12:00 US Central Time: Register here February 2, 2017  3:00-4:00 PM US Central Time: Register here   Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath. And collect your thoughts. And sort out your emotions. And pinch yourself to make sure that what just happened was indeed real. . . . LEARN MORE

December 2016 Newsletter

Hello Dear Friends; Usually we try to make this a quick introduction to the PL news and more neutral in content; not focused on events here in the US as we know that you are located all over the globe.  However, we are taking a US-centric side track here as effects surrounding the Presidential . . . LEARN MORE

A summer of Personal Leadership!

PL was abundantly present at the 2016 Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication (SIIC).  It served as the core foundation for the Fellows program, it lay at the heart of the specialized week-long session “Leading Self While Leading Others" AND it was the focus of an evening session.       The evening session was . . . LEARN MORE

Personal Leadership: A Year of Living the Practices

Leverage new breakthroughs in neurophysiology to strengthen your PL practice in ways that will transform your life. What participants are saying:    “Much more happened than I expected. It was an awakening experience.”    “I developed tools to keep by my side that help me navigate through the twists and turns of life.”   . . . LEARN MORE


Whenever Gatherings of PL Facilitators and practitioners are organized, they are listed here. At this time, the following Gatherings are being planned or considered. If you want to help make them a reality, in these locations or elsewhere,contact us. Local Gathering Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Regional Gathering East coast, U.S.A. Midwest, U.S.A. Colorado Rockies, U.S.A. . . . LEARN MORE

Foundations Seminar – Leading the Self Before Leading Others

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Find more information and . . . LEARN MORE