What We Offer

What We Offer

The practice of Personal Leadership offers you the chance to . . .

  • Easily sustain high levels of motivation and commitment
  • Engage challenging situations with curiosity rather than fear
  • Take charge of your experiences, cultural programming and habits of thought
  • Be creative, flexible and grounded in the face of transition and change
  • Maximize authentic behaviors that contribute to good relations
  • Generate options for action where previously stuck
  • Move more quickly through storming into performing
  • Enable self-care and resilience

The organization of PLSeminars offers training, resources and products that allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of practicing PL.

Our Facilitators offer the experience and expertise you need. We can help you learn to respond to change and difference with insight, collaboration and creative competence.

We have worked around the world. Personal Leadership is internationally relevant.

We have worked with all kinds of organizations. We help build institutional competence.

We have worked with individuals in many fields. We help individuals move forward with clarity.

We have been doing this successfully for a long time. Our Facilitators elicit and listen to multiple voices in a range of multicultural contexts. Whether we are coaching an individual, facilitating large events, or speaking at conferences, we design learning experiences that specifically fit your needs .